Full name

Patricia Ann Lewis-MacDougall


Story Artist and Designer


Stoney Creek, ON Canada


For over a decade, Pat Ann have applied her skills in the Story Arts as a Freelancer.  From illustrating in the children's publishing industry to story boarding for children's animated television and everything in between.  Pat Ann even get a great sense of joy when she is hired to design gift ware in a way that tells a story.  To Pat Ann, story expression can only enhance a design, not detract from it.
This attitude towards the commercial arts has brought her great project contracts.  Whether it was freelance or full time work in field, It has sent Pat Ann to China for three months and she has won awards because of it. 
Even her own personal work has a story edge to it.  Pat Ann enjoys creating her own characters and places them in settings that encourage the viewer to see his or her own story in the picture.  The tools she use are either digital or traditional drawing or painting methods and she is currently expanding her designs into the fibre and polymer clay arts.  Pat Ann is also currently working on her own children's books and where that will take her, we have yet to find out!